Networking Primer

IP Addresses

MAC Addresses

Hacking Methodology

Five Stages of Hacking 1. Reconnaissance (Informatino Gathering)

  1. Scanning and Enumeration
  2. Exploitation (gaining access)
  3. Maintaining Access
  4. Covering Tracks

Reconnaissance (Informatino Gathering)

Passive Recon


Target Validation(whois, nslookup, dnsrecon)

Finding Subdomains(Google Fu, dig, nmap, sublist3r, bluto)

Fingerprinting(Nmap, Wapp)

Data Breaches(HaveIBeenPawned) - most popular way to gain access (nowadays pretty hard to scan and find and exploit)

Scanning and Enumeration

Exploitation (gaining access)

Maintaining Access

Covering Tracks

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